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Long is better than speed. Long is better than Fear. Go long this year. Go way long.


Testimonials (no Im not trolling)

Thanks Harley for inspiring me to get on Youtube and start uploading! I used to work as a dance teacher with snotty nosed brats and now am living the digital nomad lifestyle! You inspired me to release my ebook Carbolicious and its selling so well!  #Thanks!

Bonny Rebecca

You inspired me to get sober and be a voice for the voiceless bro! Some people drop you when they see you as competition for youtube views but not me bro! I will never forget how you helped me out in the past! Thanks for coming up with the Carbstrong handle. I will always use it now! 

Joey Carbstrong

When we met in 2007 I was out of shape, burnt out, in heavy debt and hating my life. I put my trust in your advice, got SO fit, ended my ED and made over 1 Million AUD! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! 

Freelee The Banana Girl

Thanks for helping me deal with Kristina's drama and telling me to start up a Spanish Vegan Channel!


Without your support I probably would be living in my mums basement the rest of my adult life! Thanks for the tips and support brother!

Vegan Gains

Im still obese and my Trek Emonda is still brand new after 3 years of living in Chiang Mai but one day I hope to take your advice on board and live it consistently!

Joe "KFC" Best

Harley is one of those guys you meet and you realise there is still legit fucking people out there who are not trying to fuck you over in life. He treats you like a mate even if he doesnt know you.

Abdullah From The Glucose Network

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Top 5 Things I Do In Chiang Mai For Fitness & Health

1. I start every day with a bike ride to the market for a fresh fruit breakfast or a ride up to the top of Doi Suthep for a fresh fruit smoothie wi...