Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit
Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit

Pragma Glycogen Frameset Kit

Regular price $920.00

How to order? Email me at with your height, weight, riding style, color preference and we can go from there! Type 'PRAGMA' in the subject so I can find your email amongst the zillion I get each day. Ive been selling bikes since 2003 and understand deeply that everyone has different needs and riding styles/goals. 

You don't get this level of customer support from any online seller. I want to make sure we get you the right size and paint design so you can build up your DREAM BIKE and get fit AF! 


* Pragma Glycogen wait time with corona (day of payment to day you get your frame) is 2 weeks to 12 weeks depending on stock levels and choice of custom paint. These frames are hand made and hand painted order so curing times mean a wait time longer than stuff that is pre made just sitting around waiting to be sold and ageing in the factory. Im currently using 3 top end factories to supply my stock. Ive found this system works best. 

The Pragma Glycogen is simply the best high end carbon road framekit in 2020. NOTHING compares in regards to longevity and ease of repair. The Pragma Glycogen is based off the ICONIC FM66SLR which for full blown bike geeks you might remember. It came and went pretty quick but was copied by many sellers who made them cheaper and lighter every year. Some were so light they cracked when you sat hard on the top tube! (Listen to Rob Gitelis from Factor bikes insightful video from June 5th 2020). 

There is a sweet spot where light ends up 'too light' and ends up becoming fragile, floppy and unstable at speed. You can still buy these potentially dangerously light and cheap FM066 copies online at various sellers. They are ok if you weigh about 50kg, follow a low carb diet and never sprint or drop it hard into corners. For the rest of us though a CEN - EN ISO 4210 approved Pragma Glycogen frame AND fork is what Im riding and Im as fussy as fussy gets when it comes to bike performance and ease of use! Proprietary forks, seat posts and BB do my head in! 

I spent thousands buying & riding different types of FM66/FM066/FM66SL and FM66SLR from various factories and resellers until I found an edition that was painted well enough and had a reputation so good that they were contracted to make frames for some very well known brands that I can't mention due to NDA conditions. I then requested them to add in a bit more carbon to the BB area & head tube for stiffness that Im used to from riding a TCR for so long. The TCR was great but the geo was aggressive enough for me, the ISP was a PITA to get the perfect position with for me. Also the pressfit BB eventually started creaking. The stiffness and ride quality were great though. 

Im so impressed with the Pragma Glycogen Ive pretty much sold/selling all my other road bikes because I find I end up riding it the most due to the buttery smooth feel that is like my S-Works Tarmacs but has a similar BB and HT feel of my TCR Advanced SL with a weight similar to my Supersix EVO Hi Mod. What I also love about the Pragma Glycogen is it has the best designed frame in modern day cycling - 27.2mm post with a standard seat clamp, BSA straight thru BB design and a non proprietary fork. I selected these as core features on the Pragma Glycogen as ease of use and durability are important features for my riding enjoyment.


920USD gets you custom painted Pragma Glycogen frame, fork, seat clamp, headset and seat post SHIPPED to your door anywhere on earth. Also included as is lifetime coaching via a link to my private Facebook group. 920USD no more to pay!

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have ANY questions about my bikes. I want to make sure you get the right size and see if my frames are a good match for you. 

T1000 Toray Japanese carbon. Lightweight, stiff, aggressive race/climbing rim brake frames. Make no mistake these are HIGH END ride quality bikes. I know because Ive ridden hundreds of high end bikes in my time. 

25mm - 28mm tire clearance depending on tire/rim model.

Custom painted in any shade you want. Pick a Pantone from this link below.

Weight 780-1100 depending on frame size and paint. (Many brands fail to mention how paint or size impacts end frame weight)

2 year factory backed warranty.

1000's sold aka PROVEN design.

With or without logos.

Same race focused geo as Cannondale Supersix Team 2018 and Merida Scultura CF5 models.

These are timeless heritage style carbon climbing bikes. I don't release 'new stuff'. I just constantly run the most pragmatic options these OEM companies are producing. I add a small margin (smallest Ive ever seen and if you can find smaller let me know) for my time and effort.

I deal direct with the factory then ship the frames right to your door. Your colours, your designs. Easy to install parts. No brainer stuff. Why hasn't this been done before? Good question! ZERO PROPRIETARY PARTS! Proprietary parts simply mean a headache later down the road. 

You ever wondered why carbon bikes cost so much? I mean 99% of the high end frames are coming out of China right now did you know? That is right. Trek, Specialized, Pinarello, Merida, Canyon, Cannondale, Cervelo etc etc. They are being made for a few hundred dollars by OEM factories in China. Then painted up and shipped to Taiwan for assembly and shipped from there to retail stores or distributors with massive mark ups.

That is the bicycle industry model.

Nothing wrong with that if you like paying a lot of different hands along the way for essentially something you can could get factory direct that has the same quality, rides the same but looks a little bit different due to a differing mould etc.

Don't believe me? Ride one of my frames, ride one of theirs. I have and that is why I started up this brand so people who didn't want to blow 5grand on a frameset that essentially does the SAME thing as my frames do, don't have to.

If you want to spend top $$ then go for it. I have. Ive spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on bling bike stuff in my lifetime. Ive owned so many bikes from all the big brands. You have watched my videos the last 11 years on youtube. You know Im talking facts here. Go watch that LT guy on youtube who cuts open the carbon frames from all the big names. They all look the same inside right? That is because they are essentially coming from the same Asian factories! WHY PAY MORE?

Pay more for quality control? Look how many brand name bikes crack and people have issues getting warranty on them. Sure most are just paint cracks or crash cracks but these days warranty on carbon products doesn't mean much in my experience. Just ask any of your friends who tried to get warranty on a carbon bike. I have. After my last ordeal I asked myself 'Why did I just pay so much for a bike when I could have got pretty much the same ride quality for about 2500USD less??' I wouldn't have had to deal with pretentious distributor staff who wanted to argue a clear design flaw that caused a premature part failure.

These are HIGH END FRAMES that ride as good as any $5000 frameset. I know because Ive owned and ridden both! The Pragma Glycogen is modelled off the Supersix Evo. 99% same geometry if you compare the geo charts of the 2018 models. 

920USD in any colour you want shipped express anywhere in the world!! WHY PAY MORE? These Pragma frames are coming out of the same factories in Xaimen/Shenzen as brands you have seen win/podium the Tour De France on.. Think about how much mark up these Chinese bikes have on you see why Pragma Bikes are becoming so popular..

WHY PAY MORE?? Why order from a dodgy seller who doesn't even ride bikes and get something that is unsafe? Not all Chinese carbon you can buy on the internet is safe! Why take the risk getting something dirt cheap made by a 2nd tier factory?

Why waste time looking around to see what is good when you can just save time, money and fuss by ordering thru me. I order in bulk so get a price cheaper than you could get and I order from the SAFE Chinese carbon factories. There are a few dodgy brands out there selling stuff that I sure wouldn't feel safe riding down a hill at speed. 

How to order? Easy 3 steps!

1. Email me with what paint color and design you want. You can use or the Trek project one website to create a design you can send me. I will then send that picture to the factory in Xaimen/Shenzen China (where Trek, Nove, Cannondale, Cervelo etc are all made) and get confirmation we can do it. I offer my frames with or without Pragma logos. Let me know what you prefer.

*I need your frame size you want. Ie 50cm or 56cm etc.
*The Pragma comes in BSA (most durable) or BB30 (lightest but also requires more maintenance). Let me know if you want BB30 or BSA. I prefer BSA as it is easier to work on oneself. Also do you want zero offset seat post or 25mm offset. All same one price for any option. 

 2. You receive your frame in 7-47 days depending on paint design and stock levels. All frames shipped with tracking numbers via EMS.

3. Comes with seat post, fork, seat clamp, headset and rear derailleur hanger. (I can't source long plugs at the moment so recommend you buy a 80mm Neco steerer plug

These Neco steerer plugs for carbon steerers in 80mm also work great and are well priced.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

Price of frame includes free entry to my facebook coaching group. Headset is 1-1/8, 1 -1/2 intergrated headset from Ritchey, FSA, Chris King etc in the following dimensions. OD 41.8x45x45, OD52x45x45

920USD in any colour you want shipped express anywhere in the world.

Im riding one of these now. Incredible bike and as good as anything Ive ridden the last 20 years. WHY PAY MORE? Get the custom paint you always wanted at an insane price! Ive sourced a factory in China who makes and paints these. To save on costs they ship direct from factory to you. If you can find a safer product with a better paint range, better performance and better price let me know! :)

NOTHING comes close for performance, custom paint and price. 

It is very similar geometry to Cervelo R5 and Merida Scultura. Almost identical to the Cannondale Supersix EVO. The Pragma Glycogen is a bike that will inspire to push yourself. If you want a more relaxed geometry then stay tuned because Im still hunting the best one down.

Things to know!

*You may have to pay import tax but it depends on your country. Most of the time you have to pay nothing but just be aware your countries custom may charge you a fee when the frame enters your country. If you have any issues with that or need an invoice just email me. So far nobody has had to pay any import taxes on my frames. Ive shipped to USA, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Brazil.

*No paint job is 100% perfect. Out of the 100's of bikes Ive ridden if I have looked at sticker placement or paint finish there is always something I could have nit picked on. I have a pair of $7000AUD Lightweight Meilenstein wheels and they are literally buckled out of the box. That is right, the most expensive hand made wheels on earth are not even true and never can by because they are handmade. 

*Please don't leave your bike parked in the sun or the back of a car. Even though the paint is very high quality and UV protected the sun can still damage carbon that is just baking in the sun. This is especially true for Australian conditions where the ozone layer is dangerously low. Australian customers please keep this in mind more. Ive seen a carbon wheel explode the tire off the rim because the owner parked the bike in the sun after a race.

*Please use torque wrenches on all carbon product and don't place carbon bikes in bike stands as the clamp can crack your seat post, top tube or seat tube. 

*I don't recommend using ANY carbon bikes in trainers. Doesn't matter what brand it WILL damage your drop outs over time if you are putting out decent watts. Use magnetic resistance rollers instead as they offer better pedalling technique promotion and are more fun to use. Yes they require more skill but if Ruby Issac (google her) can use rollers then so can you! :)

*Alloy steerer it doesn't matter because alloy doesn't crush like carbon does.

*NEVER clamp a carbon bike or carbon seat post in a work stand. I hang my bikes or clamp the seat itself. Carbon is strong but clamping can crush it pretty easily.