Pragma Mawson
Pragma Mawson
Pragma Mawson

Pragma Mawson

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You asked me to make up the best ever value gravel bike that has ever existed.

You wanted it in custom colours that made it stand out from the pack in events like Dirty Kanza 200.

Well I did my homework and found a factory that makes OEM frames for some BIG brands. Brands you see in the Tour De France. Brands you see selling frame sets for $4000. Have no mistake this is one of the TOP OEM factories you can use. He liked my business model - minimal margins and volume sales to budget minded cyclists who wanted top shelf quality at a price NOBODY else is willing to sell for. 

Lets me honest. Carbon bikes sell for WAY WAY too much these days. I can sell them this price because I don't spend a cent on marketing (I don't have to because my youtube channels have over 300 million views total). I don't have any staff. There is no shop front. There is literally no costs YOU have to pay me for. I can sell these volume sales (they have been walking out the door) so I make a small margin there for my time, the factory loves me and you most importantly get an incredible riding frame set for less than the price of 2 sets of over priced kits that ever fat dentist seems to be riding around in these days.

Im not going to sponsor any riders. Im not giving away any free frames to get promotions. I'm just creating the best fucking value carbon gravel bikes the industry has EVER seen and will ever most likely to see.

Please let me know if you can find a better QUALITY carbon gravel bike in CUSTOM colours, including shipping, PROVEN DESIGN and for just $699USD. Yes Im selling these close to the price I get them for.

Im not in this gig to make bank. I just genuinely want to bring great bikes from great factories to the end user who appreciates top shelf quality at a non pretentious price.

Now lets talk about what the Pragma Mawson is. It is a lightweight gravel frame set named after the iconic Mawson trail. Rides very similar to the Salsa Warbird. Maybe it came from the same factory? ;)

The Pragma Mawson has a BSA bottom bracket for user serviceable ease and a 27.2mm seat post so you don't have any aftermarket sourcing issues should you smash up a seat post out on tour sometime.

More info is coming on this bike. Stay tuned. Stock has been replenished so I can sell more.