Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset
Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset
Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset
Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset
Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset
Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset
Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset
Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset

Pragma Power Hi Mod Frameset

Regular price $899.00

How to order?

1. Email me at so we can talk about your size, riding style, goals etc. Im not here to sell bikes, Im here to help direct you for massive fitness gains. This isnt another online pop up store looking to cash in on noobs. Beware of those people! 

2. Select any paint design you want from this pantone chart. Some people want them with Pragma logos and some not. Your choice!

3. Frameset will be professionally packed and insured delivered to your door from 2-8 weeks after receiving your paypal payment (Ive sold hundreds of frames all over the globe and not a SINGLE issue). 

4. Build her up and SMASH OUT SOME WATTS!

Now lets talk more about the Pragma Power custom hand painted carbon frameset....

You asked me to provide the most pragmatic high end Hi Mod carbon aero race bike out there in 2020 AND have the option for custom painted! 

There are over 200 carbon aero frames on the market from what I can see. 

I save you time and money by narrowing it down to ONE. The same one I ride...

Why waste time and money faffing around with something that MIGHT work or something that most likely will ride like a fake Pinarello (wooden and noodly!)

You know how many high end bikes I own and have ridden if you watch my insta stories or youtube videos the last 12 years. When I put my name to something you KNOW it comes from a place of experience and integrity.

I feel sorry for how much people are being overcharged for high end carbon bikes in 2020. I decided to do something about it by putting in 1000's of hours testing bikes (by actually riding them hard), talking with factories, WT riders/ ex WT riders and pro mechanics who are also equally or more experienced as myself in numbers of bikes ridden and worked on. 

Aero bikes that the Pragma Power rivals in handling and stiffness.

S-Works Venge Sagan Edition

Canyon Aeroad 2019

Trek Madone 2020

Pinarello F12

NONE of the above offer custom painting though and all of them are also made in China (painted/assembled in Taiwan to avoid punitive tariffs)


Once you ride a Pragma frameset you will never pay brand name prices ever again because you will ask yourself 'there is no difference in performance or ride quality so why am I paying WAY more??'

Frameset includes seat post and fork and headset.

If you ever need a spare seat post or fork email me 

Crash replacement warranty - Pragma bikes will offer you a cost price frame and fork. Good luck getting that level of service from any big brand. 

Warranty is 2 years. If you don't crack it in the first sprint then lets be honest it isnt going to break. EVER! Paint cracks happen on most carbon bikes but true carbon failures are very very rare on these high end frames in 2020. That is why I don't sell 750g frames as they are too thin and can literally fracture from rocks hitting the down tube.

How to purchase? Just email me at so we can see if even really need one of my frames. Maybe the bike you currently have is fine? Maybe it isnt. Either way email me with any questions and if you are a match give me a paint design you would like, your current measurements and we can go from there!


Im already seeing fake Pragma bikes on aliexpress etc. If you want the real thing please order thru me. DONT risk your safety buying fake stuff or random stuff from people who can't even speak proper english. Poor quality seat posts and seat post clamps or delaminating fork steerers are common things Ive seen from aliexpress or ebay bikes.